Irish Olympic Handball Association

Senior IOHA Cup 21-22

Mar 21 2022,

After two years without happening due to the pandemic, the IOHA Senior Cup returned in 2022!

Gormanston College, Co. Meath was the chosen venue. 

Both women and men's teams took part in the 2-day tournament happening on the 19th and 20th of March. Four teams in both categories, took part:


Dublin International Handball Club (DIHC)/University College Dublin (UCD)
Astra Handball Club
Dublin City Handball
University College Cork (UCC)/Queen's University Belfast


Dublin City Handball (DCH)
Dublin International Handball Club (DIHC)
University College Cork (UCC)/Queen's University Belfast
Astra Wings/ University College Dublin (UCD)

The first day of competitions (Saturday) was the group stage, where all the teams played against each other twice in matches with 20 min of duration. The semi-finals were then decided and scheduled to happen on Sunday. 

The first women's semi-final was played by DCH x UCC/Queen's University Belfast and ended with a victory of DCH by 24x7. 
The second semi-final was between Astra x DIHC/UCD and after a thought match Astra won by 22x16

The men's semi-finals were first played by DCH x UCC/Queen's University Belfast and also resulted with DCH winning by 27x14. 
In the second semi-final DIHC faced Astra Wings/ UCD and ended with a victory of DIHC by 30x18.  

The finals were then played by DCH x DIHC in the men's category. A very interesting game, with DCH leading most of the time but at the last minutes DIHC managed to win by 1 goal. The result was 17x16. 
The third place stayed with UCC/Queen's University Belfast, who won the match against Astra Wings/UCD by 28x21.

In the women's category, the final was between Astra x DCH. The thought game was led by DCH as well most of the time, with very tight difference. The match was decided in the last 5 minutes, where Astra won by 17x14.

The third place went to the brave team of UCC/Queen's University Belfast, which played with only 6 players and yet managed to make a brilliant match and win against DICH/UCD. The result was 17x10.